Pea, Sweetcorn & Kale Fritters with Jalepeno Sour Cream

Pea, Sweetcorn & Kale Fritters

Makes 8-10 Fritters 

Oh how I love an anytime-of-day meal!  Want savoury pancakes for breakfast?  Yes please!  Crispy fritters with a side salad for lunch?  You bet!  Or another delicious meat-free option to add to your dinner repertoire? Heck yeah!

These summertime beauties are positively packed with veggies and a ton of flavour.  They only take 15 minutes from the moment you open the fridge to moment you take your first bite which is great for a person that gets as ‘hangry’ as quickly I do!  They are also a fabulous batch cooking option because they freeze so well.  I also have the added bonus that my kids like them too, so they are a real hit with all of the family.

I served them here with some jalapeño sour cream, which had the perfect balance of spicy to cool ‘n creamy.  But these wholegrain veggie fritters are also delicious when topped with a poached egg, some smoked salmon or sliced avocado…..or if you’re feeling hungry – all three!   You can also switch up the herbs and spices depending on what kind of spicy mood you’re in.  I served them here with dill and chives, but they are also tasty with some smoked paprika and chilli flakes, or some coriander and jalapeño slices too.

They are a great healthy meal option as they are super easy to make, deliciously tasty and are high in both protein and fibre, as well as a ton of micronutrients from all of the vegetables. 

Each serving (of two fritters) provides 276 calories, 14g of protein, a massive 8g of fibre and 32% of my daily Vitamin C requirements.


For the fritters 

·     280g Tinned Sweetcorn – drained
·     120g Frozen Peas
·     40g Cavolo Nero (or Kale)
·     1 Leek
·     2 Eggs
·     100g Wholemeal Self Raising Flour
·     8 Spring Onions
·     Handful of chopped Fresh Dill
·     Handful of chopped Fresh Chives
·     Zest of 1 Lime & juice from ½ Lime
·     Salt & Fresh Black Pepper
·     1/4 tsp Chilli Flakes if you like a little spicy kick
·     Oil to fry
·     Optional but recommended – 45g Grated Cheese (I used Goat Cheese) 

For the Jalepeno Sour Cream

·     100g Sour Cream
·     Approximately 5 Jalapeño Slices (depending on how spicy you like it!) 


For the fritters

·     Drain the sweet corn and defrost the peas.
·     Thinly chop the spring onions, dill and chives.
·     Remove the woody stalks from the cavelo nero.
·     Slice the leeks.
·     In a frying pan, heat a little oil and fry the leeks on a medium heat until just starting to brown.  Set aside.
·     Add half of the peas and corn to a high-speed blender, along with the eggs, flour, cavelo nero, herbs and seasoning.
·     Blitz on high.
·     Pour into a bowl and add the remaining peas and corn, along with the leeks and spring onions so there is still some texture to the fritters.
·     Grate in the cheese, if using.
·     Heat some oil in a frying pan and shallow fry the fritters in batches for approximately 3 minutes on each side until they are nice and crispy.  
·     NOTE - To keep them warm while you are cooking in batches, either put them in a warmed oven on low, or else just use a couple of frying pans on the go at the same time.
·     Serve with the jalapeño sour cream or an egg, some smoked salmon or sliced avocado.  

For the sour cream

·     Simply blitz the sour cream and jalapeño in a blender.


Macros per serving of 2 Corn Fritters

Calories – 276
Protein – 14g
Fat – 8g
Carbohydrates – 33g
Fibre – 8g
Vitamin C – 32%
Vitamin A – 18%
Calcium - 14%
Iron – 8%