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Bespoke meal planning

I offer bespoke meal planning advice to help alleviate a variety of health concerns, ranging from allergies/intolerances to diabetes to weight loss to fussy kids, to name just a few. I will go through your diet in detail and arm you with the tools and information that you will need to positively impact your health and wellbeing in the future. 

You will be provided with a fully bespoke weekly meal plan based entirely on your own health goals, like/dislikes and allergies/intolerances. …..essentially your own tailor-made cookbook with recipes that have the right balance of both macro and micronutrients.  On the whole, they will be freezer-friendly so you can start stuffing it full with healthy nutrient-dense meals that will provide welcome relief on those inevitably manic days where you have nothing fresh in your fridge. 

The menus will also take into account how many people you cook for (including the little ones), and how much time you have in the kitchen. This can range from a leisurely 2 hours (oh hello, roast chicken!), to a mere 15 minutes to rustle something up for the whole family (pesto crusted salmon anyone?).


Cooking Course

The personalised cooking course is focused on using healthy, natural and delicious ingredients to either cater to a range of different health conditions or simply just give you fresh inspiration in the kitchen.  As a strong believer in positive nutrition, I focus on what you CAN eat, not what you can’t. I aim to debunk the conflicting myths around healthy eating and give you more confidence in your choices.

The courses can be booked as a group if you want to enjoy learning together with some friends over a bottle of wine, or can be booked as private 1-2-1 lessons for fully customized recipes to learn.


Best of both

This customised session combines the best of both worlds - the nutritional meal planning advice and hands-on cooking time that focuses on your specific health concerns.  


"Emily has reignited my love and passion for food. More importantly healthy, easy to cook food that not only myself, but my three children can’t seem to get enough of!"




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