Hidden Ingredient Chocolate Seed Bars

Chocolate & Black Bean Seed Bars

Makes 12-14 Bars

I was taking an impartial look at my Instagram feed recently and it occurred to me that I wasn’t showing my true and authentic self.  Because my true and authentic self eats chocolate every single day of the year.  It’s not my fault.  It’s in my genes.  My dad literally has his head in the chocolate drawer in his fridge (yes, he has that much that it requires its very own special drawer!) before he has even finished his last mouthful of dinner.  He has been regularly known to still be chewing his chicken/lamb/fish when he pops the first piece of chocolate in his mouth!  So I never really stood a chance.  But it dawned on me that I don’t post chocolate-y treats all that often and I wanted to rectify that.  Stat. Perhaps it’s because I’m too busy devouring it, that I don’t have the time nor the inclination to take ages to photograph it!

Chocolate & Black Bean Seed Bars

But this ends now!  These bars are a total revelation.  They are absolutely delicious and make the very best after school snack for the kids and mid-afternoon pick me up for me.  I am constantly trying to find innovative ways to hide nutritious food all under the guise of a sweet treat, and these certainly do the trick.  They are only naturally sweetened with dried figs, are full of a variety of nutritious seeds and have a secret weapon hidden ingredient of….wait for it….black beans!  But don’t be put off – I promise you that you absolutely cannot taste even the slightest hint of bean-i-ness! I once tried a black bean and chocolate brownie that was so bean-y it put me off even experimenting with beans in sweet foods for years.  So I know that I am so late to the proverbial party, but this recipe was certainly worth the wait! Oh and did I mention it’s as easy as chucking everything in the blender?!  Double win!

One slice provides 186 calories, 6g of plant-based protein and 4g of fibre. 

NOTE: You can easily substitute black beans for kidney beans if you are that way inclined.  You can also switch up the different seeds you use each time.  I chose dried figs because they have less natural sugars than dates, but if you are after something a little bit sweeter, then use unsulphured dried apricots and/or medjool dates instead.

Chocolate & Black Bean Seed Bars


·     170g Black Beans
·     195g Dried Figs
·     60g Coconut Oil 
·     25g Chocolate Protein Powder (I used ‘That Protein’ Brown Rice Protein With Cacao)
·     100g Jumbo Porridge Oats
·     130-140g Mixed Seeds
·     Optional – 1 tsp Superfood Powder like Baobab, Lucuma or Maca 

I used the following seed mixture:

·     30g Sunflower Seeds
·     30g Buckwheat Groats
·     45g Pumpkin Seeds
·     30g Hemp Seeds 


·     Put the black beans, dried figs, oats, protein powder and coconut oil in a high speed blender and blitz until fully combined.
·     Transfer to a large bowl and add the seeds so that you keep the chunky seeded texture.  Use your hands to fully incorporate the seeds with the chocolate-y paste.
·     Line a tray with parchment paper and flatten the mixture onto it using your hands, so that it is approximately 2cm thick. 
·     Pop it into the fridge for half an hour or so to harden enough so that you can cut it into bars.
·     Either keep in the fridge for several days in an airtight container, or wrap individually in parchment paper and pop it in the freezer. 
·    Best eaten straight from the fridge or having defrosted for 5-10 minutes.

TIP! If the dried fruit you are using is too dry and not moist or sticky, then simply soak them in some boiling water for 5 minutes, drain the water and then pop the stickier fruit in the blender.


Calories – 186
Protein – 6g
Fat – 9g
Carbohydrates – 18g
Fibre – 4g