Healthy Chocolate Fudgsicle

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Makes 6 ice lollies

 This is the day we have all been waiting for – the ever-elusive UK heatwave is finally here! In our family that means three things for certain – ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream!  I seem to have perfected many different fruit lollies over the years (my Berry Chia or the Cherry Yogurt ones are my favourite), but I have now nailed the creamiest, dreamiest chocolatiest fudggsicles too. 

Obviously my kids are a real sucker for traditional chocolate ice cream, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?! And that is exactly what they eat when we are on holiday or out and about (because I don’t like to ever say anything is off-limits).  But if we are at home and I can make a healthier version that’s only naturally sweetened with dates and bananas; that is high in both plant-based protein and fibre, but still absolutely delicious – then that’s a total no brainer!  Not to mention the fact that it only has five ingredients (all of which you know and can actually pronounce!), and is as easy to make as whizzing up all of the ingredients in a blender.  So when you can get all of the goodness in without compromising on taste in the slightest, then that’s a win-win in my eyes!  

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One of these delicious and seemingly indulgent treats provides 111 calories, 5g of plant-based protein and 3g of fibre. And especially because it only contains 8g of natural sugars, it makes it the perfect afternoon snack – and not just for the kiddies, us big ones too!  My son is dairy intolerant so it’s particularly great that despite the fudgsicles being vegan, they provide almost a fifth of this daily calcium needs, as well as being a decent source of both Vitamin A and C.  

TOP TIP – if you don’t have time to freeze the mixture, or if you are after a change, then it also makes a truly fabulous rich chocolate milkshake!


·     30g Medjool Dates - Pitted
·     1 Banana
·     30g Unsweetened Chocolate Protein Powder (I used “That Protein” Brown Rice Protein With Cacao)
·     250ml Milk of your choice (I used Koko Super Coconut Milk that is vitamin enriched)
·     30g Nut Butter (I used Mindful Bites Brazil & Cacao Butter) 

·     Optional - A drizzle of melted Dark Chocolate + Crushed Roasted Hazelnuts on top once frozen


·     Put all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blitz until smooth.
·     Pour into silicone lolly moulds and freeze for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. 

·     Optional - Once frozen, drizzle some melted chocolate on top of the lolly and sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts. Eat and enjoy immediately.

TOP TIP - A good way to remove the lollies is to run the mould under warm water for a few seconds, then gently wriggle it out. 


Calories – 111
Protein – 5g
Fat – 4g
Carbohydrates – 14g
Fibre – 3g
Calcium – 18%
Vitamin A – 11%
Vitamin C – 12%