Flax & Chia Fruity Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Fruit Pizza


Happy National Pizza Day! Who knew that was actually a “thing”?! Well I’m certainly not complaining because I would happily eat pizza morning, noon and night if I could....and now I can!  Oh joy of joys!   These fruit pizzas are the absolute business. They really are the perfect weekend breakfast for all of the family to enjoy and a real showstopper if you’re having people over for brunch. 

Not only does it look so darn pretty, but this delicious recipe is just brimming with wholesome, nourishing and healthy ingredients.  The base has no added sugar and is only naturally sweetened with bananas and dates.   It is also made from wholegrain flour (I used spelt), wholegrain oats (again, I used spelt flakes), yogurt, pumpkin seeds, chia and flaxseeds.  This provides a good dose of plant based Omega 3s, as well as a ton of fibre and complex carbs for slow release energy. 

I normally make a berry chia jam as a filling underneath the yogurt, but this time I experimented with adding a shop bought Elderberry jam, which was delicious - I can high recommend!  I then top with some greek yogurt for added protein, but obviously feel free to substitute for a dairy free alternative instead.  Topping it off with a rainbow of brightly coloured fruits of your choice helps to up your disease-fighting game as it provides a ton of antioxidants and over a third of my daily Vitamin C requirements.  One portion provides 355 calories, 16g of protein and a massive 12g of fibre.

I am treated like a true domestic goddess on the days that I make this – with satisfied “Mmmmms” and “Ahhhhhhs” coming from everyone’s stuffed mouths.  Who said healthy eating ever had to be boring rabbit food eh?!

NOTE: I tend to make the base the day before (and store it in an airtight container) to save precious time in the morning. So all that is left to do is assemble the pizza and create your masterpiece!


For the base: 

· 70g Wholegrain Oats (I used Spelt Flakes but Jumbo Porridge Oats also work well here)
· 80g Wholegrain Flour of your choice (I used Spelt)
· 15g Pumpkin Seeds
· 30g Flaxseed
· 30g Chia Seeds
· 4 pitted Medjool Dates
· 50g Unsweetened Unflavoured Protein Powder (I use ‘That Protein’ Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder With Chia Seeds)
· 150g Yogurt of your choice (use Greek or Skyr to up the protein content, or use coconut yogurt if you are dairy-free)
· 1½ Banana

For the topping

· ½ cup Yogurt of your choice
· 2 tbsp Jam (or chia jam) of your choice
· Fruit of your choice


· Pre-heat fan oven to 180 degrees.
· Quick soak the pitted dates in boiling water for 5 minutes to soften
· Place the bananas, flaxseeds, chia seeds, flour, dates and protein powder in a high speed blender and blitz until the dates are well mixed.
· Transfer that mixture into a bowl and add the oats, pumpkin seeds and the yogurt.
· Mix well — I use my hands, but be warned it’s very sticky!
· Grease a springform baking tin, and carefully spread the mixture until the base is totally covered.
· Bake for 40–50 minutes or until golden brown where the edges are starting to get crispy.
· Once the pizza base has cooled, spread with the jam, yogurt and decorate with the fruit and enjoy the naughtiness of having pizza for breakfast! 


Calories — 355
Carbohydrates — 54g
Fat — 8g
Protein — 16g
Fibre — 12g
Vitamin C — 37%
Calcium — 16%
Iron — 9%