Chocolate & Blood Orange Breakfast Rice Pudding

Chocolate Orange Rice Pudding

Serves 3

In keeping with my promise of making 2019 ‘The Year of the Chocolate Orange’, coupled with my obsession with the wonderfully seasonal blood oranges - I give to you the ultimate weekend dessert-for-breakfast!  And when I say ultimate, it is because not only does it taste so indulgently delicious, but it is actually darn good for you too!  And it contains zero added sugars, which is always a bonus. One serving provides almost as much plant-based protein than having 2 eggs, and despite only containing 6 ingredients, they are nourishing and wholesome and provide you with a wonderfully nutritious way to start the day.   

The wholegrain rice provides complex carbohydrates for slow release energy and steady blood sugar levels, keeping you full until lunchtime.  One portion also provides 12g of plant-based protein and a huge 86% and 46% of my daily Vitamin C and Vitamin A requirements respectively. The high levels of these antioxidant vitamins makes this breakfast a wonderful immune booster too, and with so many germs flying all over the place, every member of my household could benefit from this right now! It is also a great option for any vegans or those that are lactose intolerant that struggle to get enough Calcium in their diets; since it provides 43% of my daily Calcium.

It is equally loved by both adults and children alike, because in reality who doesn’t want chocolate for breakfast?  No matter how old you are, it’s always a winner!  Although it takes longer to prepare (approximately 30-40 minutes), it is totally hands off time since the wholegrain rice just simmers away on the stove in some coconut milk.  So it is actually very easy to make and can be kept in the fridge and simply reheated after a day or so; so it also makes a great quick weekday breakfast that will really set you off on the right foot to tackle the week ahead.  


·     25g Pumpkin Seeds
·     25g Goji Berries (or any dried fruit)
·     2 Blood Oranges
·     750ml Light Coconut Milk (from a drinkable carton not a tin)
·     150g Wholegrain Rice 
·     20g Chocolate Protein Powder (I used ‘That Protein’ Brown Rice Protein With Cacao as it is unsweetened and tastes amazing)
·     Optional (but recommended) – a dollop of Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter.


· Rinse the rice thoroughly and put into a saucepan together with the coconut milk and the chocolate protein powder.
· Let it simmer away as per the instructions (approximately 30 minutes) on a medium heat.
· Keep checking and add some more coconut milk or the juice from one of the oranges if it gets too dry.
· When the rice is soft, add the zest from one of the oranges, pumpkin seeds and goji berries.
· Serve with sliced oranges and a dollop of Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter.


Calories — 383
Protein — 12g
Fat — 9g
Carbohydrates — 56g
Fibre — 6g (22%)
Vitamin C — 86%
Vitamin A – 46%
Calcium – 43%
Iron – 7%